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Has the blazing sun stopped you from enjoying backyard activities? Is the blistering heat keeping you indoors instead of enjoying family fun outdoors? Spent thousands landscaping your yard only to find you can't use it for the harsh midday sun?
Then call southwest patios for relief! We'll tame the sun and give you back the fun outdoors!

Lattice AwningsWhat covers and awnings do we carry?

  • Aluminum lattice covers
  • Aluminum solid covers
  • Aluminum solid insulated covers
  • Aluminum louvered covers
  • Aluminum combination covers
  • Aluminum carport covers
  • Liferoom covers

What styles do they come in?

  • LATTICE – traditional style allows you to enjoy both the sun and shade to your comfort level
  • SOLID – provides total protection from both the sun and rain protecting furniture in the process
  • SOLID INSULATED – total protection with a thermal barrier, noise barrier. Strong construction allows homeowners the ability to walk on to preform maintaince of home exterior. Can be enclosed to create an arizona room
  • LOUVERED – allows homeowner the versitility to choose the amount of protection from total shade down to 30%. Manual and electric operation
  • COMBINATION – combine covers to create a cover specific to your needs ( these covers are more affordable than the louvered )
  • CARPORT – rollform construction allows greater spans with less supports
  • LIFEROOMS – latest technology in covers using mist systems, heating systems, video and sound options. Lighting options. Led lighting included!!

What are the features and benefits?

  • Blocks uv rays - reduce exposure to the sun's harmful rays
  • Low maintenance - you get to enjoy your new cover and backyard, rather than spending time fixing it
  • Won’t rust, rot, warp or crack - sit back and relax, enjoy life, we've got you covered!
  • Resists insect infestation - no worry about termites and other bugs ruining your new cover
  • Transferable lifetime warranty - enhance the value and saleability of your hoem at sale time
  • Natural wood embossing ( not on carport product ) - stand out from the run-of-the-mill installations
  • Multiple color options - easily blend your new cover into your existing paintwork; no need to repaint
  • Multiple end cut options - you can have it your way, not your neighbor's way!
  • Optional attached or freestanding structures/covers - don't want it attached to your home? We can do it!
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